On the Eve of the 50th Anniversary of the Occupation, Jews Protest NYC's Celebrate Israel Day Parade

As the Israeli occupation of Palestine turned 50 years old, over 100 Jewish activists, including 7 who were arrested for civil disobedience, held a family-freindly event as well as six disruptions along the route of NYC's annual Celebrate Israel Day parade to highlight the devastating impact of Israel’s separate and unequal policies toward Palestinians. (June, 2017)

The Bubbie Brigade at the International Women's Strike

Israel doesn't speak for these Bubbies! The Bubbie Brigade showed up in full force for the International Women's Strike to help feed the movement with our favorite recipe: Resistance. Kvetch. Organize. Repeat. (March 8, 2017)

#WeBDSUntil: Protest at Governor Cuomo's Office

After Governor Cuomo signed an unconstitutional executive order requiring New York state to create a blacklist and divest from institutions supporting BDS, hundreds of New Yorkers showed up outside of his office to make one thing clear: We will continue to boycott and stand for justice until the Palestinian people achieve freedom, justice, and equality. #WeBDSUntil (June 9, 2016)

All the News They Didn't Print (NYT Satire)

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! New York Times Editorial Board rethinks its coverage of Palestine and Israel!” The headline spread like wildfire as JewsSayNo! and JVP-NYC handed out 10,000 copies of a satirical NYT across the city and a digital version reached thousands more around the world. The paper was filled with facts and narratives to often ignored, like our “Corrections” section with the names of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in recent months - names that never appeared in the NYT. Read the full issue here (February 2, 2016)

NYC to Jerusalem: #BuildMovementsNotWalls

As President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu met in the White House, hundreds took to the streets of midtown Manhattan to protest their shared values of racism and Islamophobia. We're here to #BuildMovementsNotWalls (February 15, 2017)